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  • suryaswaran2510 - 18-08-2017 7:02:15 pm
    10 /10
    so fucking epic......its a fucking must watch for everyone....
  • Hellfire212 - 18-08-2017 6:23:56 pm
    now i can read the feeds whitout being bothered by this slutimus
  • nevertheless - 18-08-2017 6:14:15 pm
    yo grantimus jokes's on you now baby <3 xx lmaoo
  • PlasticNapalm - 18-08-2017 6:00:01 pm
    Netflix canceled it already.
  • Ethan1995 - 18-08-2017 5:58:32 pm
    Oh look, pussamus and his brown nose rim licking buddy have crawled out there caves again bahaha
  • xxTheDoctor - 18-08-2017 4:41:28 pm
    Marathon time bby
  • nevertheless - 18-08-2017 1:34:29 pm
    Damn!! talking about heat haha
  • greenapple333 - 18-08-2017 1:12:04 pm
    indeed,jesus.. what a ridiculous character
  • trinity99 - 18-08-2017 1:09:02 pm
    this fucking grantimus is never gonna shut it or else he's gonna die lol
  • Hellfire212 - 18-08-2017 1:00:30 pm
    lol i think you're projecting dog,you're the textbook definition of a bully just look at all the time you spending trying to prove a point that no one asked for but you keep on anyways cuz you just can't help yourself you have to be the bigger asshole aight knock yourself out but you're no fooling anyone trust mejust saying,anyway have a good one dog
  • grantimus01 - 18-08-2017 12:48:13 pm
    @hellfire- youre not really bothered about reading the feeds if youre more concerned with filling it up with more posts ... hypocrisy runs rife in the uneducated.
  • Hellfire212 - 18-08-2017 12:45:39 pm
    no one cares only you budy,you,so can we read the feeds now,i mean if you're done with allyour bs lol
  • grantimus01 - 18-08-2017 12:44:37 pm
    you care enough to respond the person who responded to a major cunt (nevertheless) .... so who's more unjustified here? Nevertheless for being the instigator, me for being the responder or you for being the reaction to a situation where youve been pointed in the direction of truth but apparently bare face ignore it because it means you'll lose your position of "warped superiority". Ouch. I guess you dont care about that either?
  • greenapple333 - 18-08-2017 12:41:33 pm
    shut up man don't you see no one cares,stop trying so hard you're making a fool of yourself quit it bro you're hillarious
  • grantimus01 - 18-08-2017 12:26:24 pm
    p.s) if wolffy, greenapple and hellfire (3 bandwagon jumpers) can tell me where this whole situation came from, theyd realise their reaction was unjustified and toward the wrong person. But as IVE OUTLINE MULTIPLE TIMES! Their straight up ignorant by choice attitude towards why this nevertheless is getting heat is hilarious! Its like watching 3 kids try to invest their naive views on worldy topics.
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